Highgate is located in the heart of Tysons and is accessible to Fairfax Connector, Metrobus, and VRE bus routes. Located less than half a mile from Highgate are numerous bus routes that connect you to prime locations, such as Springfield, Fairfax, Burke and more! The Fairfax Connector costs $2.00 per trip, which can be purchased by a SmarTrip card or cash.

Click here to track the Fairfax Connector in real time. 
Click here to track the Metrobus in real time.

Fairfax Connector Routes

Bus Route – Destination 

Fairfax Connector 

423 – Tysons West Park Transit Station 
424 – Spring Hill Station 
494 – Lorton VRE 
495 – Burke Center VRE 


23A  West to Tysons Corner
23T West to Tysons Corner 

Bus Route – Destination

T – Woodbridge VRE Station


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