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We help Highgate residents find the best ways to travel to the places that matter most. Take the Metro back home to Highgate. Walk to meet friends for dinner. Or enjoy teleworking. Highgate Connect is here to help you find the travel options that fit your needs. Living at Highgate grants you access to a team of professional transportation planners that can help navigate the Tysons area and the wider DC Metro region.

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Need help getting to work? Fill out our form and you’ll receive an automated personalized commute plan that will help you get to work in a way that suits your lifestyle and travel needs.

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Learn More About the Surrounding Community

Living at Highgate means you have an abundance of travel options to connect you to the surrounding community. Interested in learning what’s within walking, biking, and Metro distance of Highgate?

Our Team is Here for You

We are dedicated to helping each Highgate resident find transportation choices that fit their specific needs.

Linsey Burch
Linsey Burch
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There are many ways to get active in the Highgate community, from giveaways and contests to helpful blog posts and on-site events.

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