National Walking Day

National Walking Day

Get outside and go for a walk on National Walking Day! Try taking 30 minutes out of your day to walk around your community. There are things to keep in mind before you start your walk. Before starting your walk, make sure to take time to stretch before you start your walking journey in order to gain the best flexibility for your muscles. Put on some comfortable clothing (shirt and shorts) and a good pair of walking shoes since there is nothing more important than giving your feet a proper cushion. The last item to consider before your walk is to be hydrated and bring some water with you to maintain hydration.  There are plenty of areas to utilize spacious walking paths  in Tysons.

For some more tips and tricks with walking:

If you need assistance with your walking journey, check out our website and feel free to contact us at, and we can get you moving!

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Earth Day

Earth Day

As we look to spring into Earth Day, we think of a time of pastures anew and a period of revival for mother nature. There are many ways to contribute to aid sustainability efforts for Earth. Some methods to consider for helping in this effort are to steer away from the gas pump to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability efforts. ​

Instead of paying more at the pump, utilizing a different method of transportation can save money and cut emissions.  ​Walking, biking, or taking transit are all great ways to get around this Earth Day.  ​

Teleworking is another alternative to driving that allows you to avoid the gas station altogether while repurposing your time otherwise spent commuting. Some of these modes don’t require you to have to travel to a gas station and spend money at the pump while simultaneously sustaining the environment around you.  ​

There are plenty of different eco-friendly and inexpensive travel choices to get you to work.  ​

If you are interested in learning about eco-friendly commute options that can save you time and money, we can help! Please check out our website and be sure to get in touch with our team at Happy Earth Day! ​

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Highgate Connect Team​

Spring Break Out Contest

Spring Break Out Wrap-Up

From May 20 – June 18, our community participated in Spring Break Out, a fun contest designed to encourage outdoor activity which discovering our awesome community.

Participants shared their outdoor activities each day to earn points towards prizes: $75 Adidas gift card, $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods gift card, and an Apple AirTag. Congrats to all our prize winners!

Try Transit Week 2019 Wrap-Up

Every year for one-week, DRPT encourages commuters to take public transportation to work by pledging to try transit. Highgate Connect celebrated this year’s Try Transit Week with a breakfast event at Highgate on Thursday, September 19th. All residents who attended were eligible to enter a raffle to win either a $100 SmarTrip Card or a $50 Republik Coffee Bar gift card. Congrats to our two big winners!

Residents were also able to sign up to take the Pledge to Try Transit during the week of September 16-20 at the breakfast event and enter to win additional prizes, including a year of free public transportation fare, a pair of round-trip Northeast Regional Amtrak tickets, and local prizes.

We appreciate all who came out to help make Highgate Connect’s Try Transit Week breakfast a success. If you have any questions about how to improve your commute, please contact us at Thanks again for participating and be on the lookout for more fun events and information from Highgate Connect.